Badge for tracking presence in the vineyard: the 3K.0 project2019-01-28T16:49:12+00:00

Project Description

The project led to the creation of an automatic system for the management of human resources engaged in agriculture and of the related agronomic operations. The 3K.0 project trialled an innovative system for the detection of the presence of each individual operator in the field, aiming to track the pre-harvest process and supplement pre-existing track and trace systems used in the winery. This system allows the winery to make the most of its human capital with tools for planning, monitoring and managing personnel during vine growing- and wine production-related operations; it can facilitate the numerous technical/management choices from an agronomic and economic point of view, and contribute effectively and directly to obtaining an IT overview of all interventions and operations carried out by individual operators on each single bunch of grapes that is destined to become wine.