Territorial Decision Support System (DSS) model for the control of plant pathologies2019-01-28T16:43:10+00:00

Project Description

Objective: to create a network of meteorological stations connected remotely with a system of vine disease modelling for the diffusion of phytosanitary bulletins for the various areas of the Montefalco CGDO terroir.

The project comprised three phases:
1. Installation of meteorological stations on free loan in certain wineries (representative of the territory).
2. Activation of a contract for the collection of the meteorological data from the territorial stations and the creation of separate predictive models in micro-climatically homogeneous areas.
3. Dissemination of phytosanitary bulletins based on the collection of data in homogeneous areas and on the use of algorithms that have been especially devised for the reliable processing of information.

The project is currently being implemented and, in 2018, was extended to all the vineyards of the Region of Umbria.