Project for the analysis of the carbon footprint in the wine lifecycle2019-01-28T17:12:51+00:00

Project Description

The project has led Leaf to collaborate with research groups and specialised technicians who have developed a system for the measurement of the emissions of carbon dioxide, with specific application to the wine industry. The calculator was fed with operational details required by international protocols validated by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (Organizzazione Internazionale della Vite e del Vino – OIV).

Some wineries trialled the calculator for several years to determine the actual emissions of greenhouse gases by the production system. The results of this type of study may lead to a very interesting and useful result, also at national level, on the impact of CO2e emissions by a popular product that is addressed to a large number of both Italian and international consumers of all ages and types. This is why the disclosure of the results of the carbon footprint analysis is of strategic value for the product and can raise awareness in a large, not just Italian, public.