Study of micro-meteorology and microclimate in vineyards2019-01-28T16:27:38+00:00

Project Description

In collaboration with the University of Milan, we have conducted a study on techniques for the improvement of the micro-climatic conditions of the vineyard at grape bunch level, in order to assess the effects of different canopy management strategies on production and on the vines’ health. The work involves the installation of data loggers with specific sensors in various rows of vineyards growing Sagrantino and Sangiovese vines, following the experimental plan devised by technicians of the University of Milan. While obtaining micro-climatic data during two growing seasons, we calibrated a mathematical model for the interpretation of the precise measurements taken in the vineyard.

In particular, we studied the vineyard’s micro-meteorological features that are the result of the canopy’s effect on atmospheric variables, effects that can be seen on various scales, from the vineyard as a whole to each single leaf. This activity was carried out to:
– orientate agronomic practices in terms of adapting to climate change and of mitigating the changes in climate themselves;
– guide the vine-growing and wine-producing process by using environmental sustainability and the need to guarantee the product’s quality and hygiene for consumers as a compass;
– assess the effects of various canopy management strategies (leaf thinning, installation of Non-Woven Fabric sheets) to produce data that can justify different levels of polyphenol compounds in the grapes.