Assessment of the possible re-use of by-products of the wine-growing and -producing sector (lees and marc) to produce biogas for energy and organic compost to be strewn in the vineyard2019-01-28T16:33:48+00:00

Project Description

The interest in and attention paid to the re-use of the production waste in this project led us to become familiar with all the currently available – and still studied – technologies that could best be adapted to the needs of production companies to increase the presence of technology at the end of the grape-wine cycle, with direct repercussions on the environmental impact and the carbon footprint.

In brief, we studied and experimented with the re-use of marc by processing it in a bio-digester to produce a solid organic digestate with a high carbon content which, distributed in the vineyard, can increase the soil’s fertility, replacing the organic or synthetic fertilisers that are usually bought.