Green manure seeder at variable rate for the vineyard: the Tecnosemina project2019-01-28T16:39:53+00:00

Project Description

The project is born from the need to develop and apply to the wine-making sector a model for the management of vineyard soil that can improve growing efficiency and the level of the undertaking’s environmental, economic and social sustainability. The project led to the manufacture of a green manure seeder prototype that can manage at a variable rate the quantity and quality of the seed, guided by satellite vigour maps of the plots of land to be treated.

The specific objectives were as follows:
1) To manufacture a prototype with automatic calibration system and variable release to the seeded ground, managed electronically with the help of GPS localisation and a sensor system;
2) To carry out comparative agronomic trials for the evaluation of the correct method of seeding at variable rate depending on the different structural conditions of the soil;
3) To improve the soil’s organic fertility by the agronomic management of the spaces between rows with the use of precision farming techniques.

The project represents a huge innovation in the management of those wineries that have put a lot of effort into developing sustainable wine production techniques. The seeding of green manure compounds at variable rate will improve the fertility of the soil and allow the propagation of various herbaceous species depending on the specific needs of viticulture.