We provide innovative, highly efficient machinery on behalf of third parties.

We are consultants, but also enthusiastic experiencers: that’s why we produce local excellences in the central Apennines.

Precision farming ensures the best environmental, economic and social performances, but the huge investments required make it affordable for few.

In order to facilitate accessibility to the high-performance tools of agriculture 4.0, we supply machines operated by specialised personnel on behalf of third parties: these include latest-generation tractors, automatically guided tractors, and sprayers with product recovery.


With passion and competence we produce local excellences in the central Apennines, recovering marginal rural areas, enhancing the value of products of the earth. The study of the soils, the analysis of the organoleptic characteristics and the care of the raw materials give us a high quality production, unique in its kind.


Our high altitude saffron comes from three experimental lands from different altitudes: 300, 700 and 1000 metres above sea level. The different composition of soils and microclimatic conditions offer small productions that are distinguished by their aromas and colours, from the most refined to the most intense.



Since November 2021, we have been running a new experimental land for the production of a special garlic called “aglione”, a horticultural plant distinguished from common garlic by its delicate taste and greater digestibility.